How to reopen safely: fast and safe disinfection for home, travel, and public spaces.

01.04.21 11:52 AM By Jon

ActivePure technology featured in Dallas News: CottonBowl installs complete protection covering over 31,000 square meters of space. 

The famous Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX
The Cotton Bowl Stadium is now sanitized with ActivePure!

34,100 square feet of interior spaces at Cotton Bowl Stadium will be protected

DALLAS (March 25, 2021) – Located just two miles from downtown Dallas, Fair Park, a National Historic Landmark, is installing ActivePure Technology in ten buildings within its 277 acres. Dallas-based ActivePure Technology is a global provider of air and surface purification products and technology focused on immediate solutions for eliminating the COVID-19 virus indoors. Fair Park is home to the State Fair of Texas, Cotton Bowl Stadium, museums, performance venues and nearly one thousand events each year.

ActivePure Technology, backed by science, is the fastest-acting, most powerful surface and air disinfecting technology available. The technology evolved from the NASA space program and is now used by thousands of schools, hospitals, restaurants, event facilities, businesses, places of worship and residences worldwide.

ActivePure Technology has consistently proven its ability to safely control and neutralize contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in numerous independent studies. Multiple FDA-compliant labs have shown that ActivePure Technology inactivates almost 100% of surface and airborne contaminants within the first 24 hours, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

ActivePure Works Immediately

ActivePure Technology begins working immediately to disinfect exposed surfaces and the air safely. The FDA validated the safety of ActivePure Technology for use in occupied spaces in 2020 with the ActivePure Medical Guardian becoming an FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device. The same technology in the ActivePure Medical Guardian is available in both portable and HVAC installed units, which run quietly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Devices using ActivePure Technology release tens of thousands of microscopic safe ActivePure Molecules that make their way to airborne and surface pathogens and contaminants and neutralize them on impact. Real-time disinfection is critical for indoor spaces including, stadiums and event spaces where social distancing is difficult. As statewide safety restrictions begin to lift, Americans want to return to normal life and desire to have an added layer of protection. ActivePure Technology is the best solution to give fans peace of mind to return to sporting events, live music shows, and large indoor community gatherings.

ActivePure will be fully installed in select Cotton Bowl Stadium interior spaces for the Tour Águila; an exciting match between Club América and C.F. Monterrey on March 27 at 6:30 PM. The Cotton Bowl Stadium is following CDC protocols with pod seating, social distancing and will require face mask usage.

The stadium’s interior protected areas include:
  • 500 Sq. Ft. Elevator Lobby Rooms
  • Both Press Boxes
  • The Cotton Bowl Stadium Club Level
  • Administration Offices
  • Coaches East Side Locker Room
  • Coaches West Side Locker Room
  • Player East Side Locker Room
  • Player West Side Locker Room
  • Officials Locker Room
  • Photo Room
  • First Aid

The Cotton Bowl Stadium was built in 1930 and seats more than 90,000.

In addition to the Cotton Bowl Stadium, ActivePure Technology is scheduled to be fully installed in the following Fair Park buildings before the end of summer:

  • Automobile Building
  • Band Shell
  • Centennial Hall
  • Embarcadero Building
  • Food and Fiber Pavilion
  • Grand Place
  • Hall of State
  • Tower Building
  • Women’s Building

“During our planning process to reopen facilities at Fair Park, we looked at different technologies for air purification and felt ActivePure was the best fit,” said Assistant General Manager and Director of Operations at Fair Park Dee Ann Hirsch. “Our top priority remains the safety and well-being of our guests, so we look forward to welcoming patrons back inside our facilities safely.”

“With our global headquarters being in Dallas, we are especially excited to partner with the city’s historic Fair Park. While we believe this is the first installation of ActivePure in a National Historic Landmark of Fair Park’s size, our products are used in many other major event and sporting facilities across the world,” said Joe Urso, CEO of ActivePure Technologies. “In fact, nearly 30 Major League Baseball teams have ActivePure Technology in their facilities including the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. ActivePure Technology will give Fair Park visitors the peace of mind that the air they are breathing and the surfaces they touch are safe.”

Fair Park and Cotton Bowl Stadium are managed by Fair Park First and Spectra Venue Management. Find out more at

To learn more about ActivePure Technology, its uses and scientific studies, please visit or call 860-287-7489.

ActivePure Technology LLC manufactures medical-grade and consumer-grade purification devices under various brand labels.  It is available for use in non-medical settings, exclusively manufactured for, and sold under the brand Vollara, a subsidiary of the parent company.  The Vollara Air And Surface Pro is, in fact, more powerful than the medical device sold under the Aerus name. 

Military-grade, FDA-certified laboratory results using high concentrations of lipophilized (difficult to neutralize) SARS-Cov2 virus. 

ActivePure begins to neutralize SARS-Cov2 immediately. 

In a follow-on study, researchers are repeating the experiment while testing at much earlier intervals of 10-30 seconds, expecting to see logarithmic reduction beginning very early. 

The take-home is this: ActivePure rapidly saturates the space and neutralizes germs the moment they leave your mouth and nose. 

It goes further: ActivePure air is being inhaled into the lungs, and is safely purifying your airways.  Viral load for an individual who remains in an ActivePure environment will be drastically reduced, and contagion risk nearly eliminated. 

Having ActivePure in the indoor spaces you use most - home, work, school - should reduce your risk of any contagion while also reducing your exposure to environmental toxins.