that every individual is unique

    and deserves an individualized approach
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann memorial at Delaware Circle, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann memorial at Delaware Circle, Washington, D.C.

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The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

Dr. Jon's Philosophy of Natural Medicine

An integrative paradigm of self-healing


Every cell in our body seems to know exactly what it needs to do to contribute to the whole.  As humans, we are made up of trillions of individually-intelligent cells that all work together.  They weave themselves together as an infinitely complex mind-body, which needs no instructions to find and maintain its form, function, or balance.  There is an unseen, innate intelligence inherent in all life. 

We can trust that if the body has what it needs to adapt, recover and maintain, then it will do it without our even knowing.  My role as physician has me in complete awe and wonder as I witness the intelligence of the human system in every individual.  While everyone is unique, they also share in common this innate intelligence. 

On a cellular level this is illustrated by how we've all watched skin heal "all on it's own."  On a deeper level, our mind-body has a subconscious "knowing."  Our mind-body already "knows" what we "need," and is actively seeking it out, so long as we generally stay out of the way.  In observing this innate intelligence we can together learn something about how things really work in ourselves, and our relationships.

Energy as we know it: sound, heat, light, radio, etc, has a finite maximum speed it can travel.  Light speed really IS fast, but amazingly enough the information that life ultimately relies on moves instantaneously!    Our cells, and the larger complex nervous system and brain, are not only conductors of electricity and light, but also Quantum/Scalar field information, which is limiteless in bandwidth. 

So, HOW IS IT that we are such amazing self-healing, all-knowing, all-experiencing, all-adapting beings?  Because we have complete access to all there is to know, right now.  Time becomes irrelevant at this point of accessing information and outputing an intelligent, living, response. 


The Vital Force has many names: Qi, Chi, Prana, Energy, the "Spark of Life."

This ancient concept and understanding, that there is a flow of energy in nature that courses through us and literally powers us like batteries, has been validated and verified more recently by physicists and medical researchers in very profound ways.  

For example, not only does every cell act like a battery, but the energy that's being moved around contains unlimited information. 

Energy flow and availability, along with the information that's present in the field it creates, determines the physical outcome that we observe with our senses.  In other words, the energetic manifestations occur first.

When we experience wellness, this is a reflection of the smooth and abundant flow of natural energy through our complex system. 

When we experience illness, this is a reflection of the absence of flow, and lack of energy somewhere. 

Resonance adds energy to a system:

Ever bounce a basketball?  You've got to bring your hand up and down in the right rhythm, or you'll slap the ball out of sync.  If you are in resonance with the ball, then less and less effort is needed with each bounce.  If you are out of resonance, you might even hurt your hand, and the ball will fall flat on the floor...the energy is lost from the system. 

Assessments and therapeutics are performed with this simple understanding in mind. 

For example: bio-energetic assessments are looking for resonant field pertubations that are correlated with symptoms we can actually confirm.  We can confirm that we have a symptom, that the energetic assessment tells us where the blockage is, we provide a resonant therapeutic, and watch both the symptom improve and the energetic blockage resolve.  This can be done with a classical homeopathic medicine, and herbal, mineral, or energy device.  It's all individualized. 


There is a therapeutic order to how life heals itself: from the inside-out, from most important to least, and in reverse order of occurrence. 

The body is constantly assessing, realigning, adapting, and maintaining equilibrium.  It feels as if much of that is out of our hands.  So, after we've allowed the body to heal itself, then what are we left to do?   How do we maintain ourselves?  How do we figure out IF anything is wrong?   How do we know when to call the Doc?  How do we manage occasional illnesses and minor injuries at home? 

Ultimately, where I see myself and others being most successful is where we are all SELF EMPOWERED. 

The body WANTS to keep itself healthy.  The MIND wants to be clear, smart, inventive, imaginative, content, happy, and all those good things.   If these aren't happening for us, then there's something we need to learn, incorporate, and try differently. 

We might have some old, subconscious programming that's in the way.  It's not easy to undo that.  It takes time, and we deserve to know how to help it along. 

We might have some old injuries that still need mending.  My job as doctor is to teach you how to do this. 

You deserve to know what's causing your symptoms, AND how to correct it.  Much of the solution is going to be in your hands, and that's great!  It's not that I'm passing the work on to you...the work was always yours.  (wink.)  I got my own to do.  Instead, think of it was me passing on the wisdom and experience that will help you make decisions that steer life in the direction YOU WANT. 

Dr. Jon's Approach to Natural Therapeutics

An integrative paradigm of self-healing


No two people are the same, and so let's not have protocols that try and fit everyone into a box.  Instead, I approach each person in the same way like this: I expect everyone to be different, but try and find the patterns that I can recognize from training and experience.  By taking the time to get a complete health history, to review everything that is pertinent, to develop a plan, and to hear and observe everything the patient  can provide, ONLY THEN CAN WE SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY MOVE FORWARD. 

For example, it is not enough for someone to tell me they "threw their back out last night."  I need to know what else is going on with them, and to have a relationship with them that leads us both to understanding.  More than once this symptomology has led me to treating shingles (which can sometimes make you feel like you injured your back) instead of a simple injury merely from over-lifting.  Both were true: strained back, and shingles caused it.  Shingles sometimes causes a segment of the lower thoracic spine or lumbar spine to "stiffen-up," with a feeling of spasm in the back, and with possible nerve impingement and nerve pain.  The spine then ends up "giving way" somewhere above or below it and the patient tweaks it doing even the slightest lifting action, which typically shouldn't lead them to strain.  Usually in these cases a homeopathic prescription and office therapeutics are extremely effective.  Meanwhile, in the office I'll use the other modalities I have available.         


I provide a combination of tools to evaluate your current state, and provide direction for further therapeutics and lifestyle interventions.

I use conventional testing: physical exams, blood-work, and referrals to specialists for QEEG neurofeedback,  imaging and microscopy. 

But I also use non-conventional testing.  this includes BioEnergetic Scans with Biofeedback, Salivary and Urinary Metabolites and Hormones, Stool Microbiome, Genetic, Cognitive Assessments, and Deuterium testing. 

I also refer-out, and provide guest diagnosticians, like thermography and ultrasound. 

Lab services and prices are in accordance with my principle: that clients should not pay full retail price if I personally don't have to,


Naturopathic therapeutics are defined as : All-natural and minimally-invasive, designed to improve your terrain, eliminate stresses, remove toxins, and stimulate your cells to realign and regenerate. 

In Connecticut, Naturopathic physicians are not licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications, perform injections, or do any minor surgery.  As such, even if I wanted to I can't utilise them.  We ND's are most certainly trained in pharmacy, and in most states where we are licensed, we do have script pads.  But, as it stands now I stick only to natural therapeutics, and only those that are not listed as experimental (like IV chelation.)

Instead, thankfully, I have at my disposal a broad toolkit that begins with mind-body medicine, diet, herbal compounding, and (most importantly: homeopathy.)   Then, I employ a number of complimentary energy medicine modalities that include: ICR-PEMF low intensity dual field pulsed magnetic field (SEQEX); Frequency Specific Microcurrent Biofeedback (SCENAR), Pulsed Light Therapy Photobiomodulation (Lumiceuticals), RIFE, Quantum Biofeedback (CYBERSCAN), Ozone and Hydrogen (HHO).  

Therapeutic visits to my clinic include NEARLY ALL of these modalities in every visit.  
I offer private clinical hours and online tele-medicine. 

If you would like to learn more, or make an appointment, please visit my bookings website at www.docmein.com