Antibiotic and antiparacitic drug cocktail gives "astounding" results (Bangladesh)

27.05.20 04:16 PM By Jon

"A Bangladeshi medical team combined Ivermectin -- generally used for de-worming and as a treatment against head lice and scabies -- with the antibiotic Doxycycline to treat infections."

FROM INDIA TODAY: A combination of an anti-parasite drug with an antibiotic produced "astounding" results when used to treat the coronavirus, helping dozens of patients recover within four days without side effects, medical experts in Bangladesh say.

A medical team lead by Dr Md Tarek Alam, head of the Bangladesh Medical College Hospital's medicine department, reported the findings, according to PTI.

The team combined Ivermectin -- generally used for de-worming and as a treatment against head lice and scabies -- with the antibiotic Doxycycline.

All 60 patients who received the treatment recovered, Dr Alam said.

In early April, a study reported that Ivermectin stopped the coronavirus from growing in cell culture within two days, according to the news agency.

No widely approved treatments exist yet for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

But a U.S. trial showed that Gilead Sciences Inc's remdesivir cut hospital stays by 31 per cent compared with a placebo, although it didn't significantly improve survival. The U.S. granted the drug authorisation for emergency use on May 1.

Japan, too, has granted emergency approval.

Lets list some of the top medicines we've found to combat Cov2:


Common among these three are that they're "anti-parasitic."  The top two, Chloroquine and Artemesinin, have been used, naturally-sourced and extracted, since the dawn of medicine.  In general, these medicines treat "relapsing fevers."  Chloroquine is originally derived from the barks of trees and in other bitter herbs which contain a variety of forms of these bitter quinolonesArtemesinin is most commonly found in herbs of this family, which includes wormwood, which is most aptly named.  Ivermectin was only more recently "discovered" as a derivative of a particular streptomyces bacteria, the naturally occuring compound being named avermectin

And the combination drugs most cited?



These are antibiotics also derived from natural sources and then synthesized. 

What can we take from this article? 

COVID is a COMPLICATED ILLNESS THAT INVOLVES A "PARASITIC INFECTION" :  One might suggest that COVID, which involves the SARS-0Cov2 virus, is complicated by parasitic illness.  I would also suggest that this is a particular blind spot to many of us living in developed countries, and that many of our parasitic illnesses are going undiagnosed.  I would also suggest that "parasites" can take many forms, and go beyond "worms" per-se.  Take, for example, Lyme disease caused by the Borrelia spirochete.  In many classifications this germ is a bacterium.  However, the list of drugs above here would all be considered strongly in treating Lyme as well as Malaria, as well as "worms."

REMDESIVIR IS A FAILURE BUT GETS EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION BECAUSE: Follow the money.  The drugs we've listed are super-cheap.  Chloroquine costs about $0.05 per dose.  Remdesivir is many THOUSANDS times more costly. 

Natural sources of these medicines might be more effective, and likely safer, and don't require a prescription. 

Chloroquine: Cinchona bark, Angostura bitters, Kratom. 

Artemesinin: Wormwood and its relatives.  Wormwood contains a broad spectrum of flavinoids and phenols which are antioxidant and synergize with artemesinin metabolism, slowing it down, raising blood levels or the medicinal compound.

Antibiotics: Maintain your microbiome with strict sugar control, Fermented foods, Live raw foods, Avoiding harsh preservatives and soaps and processed foods.