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28.08.20 06:00 PM By Jon

Rep Louis Gohmert Has Recovered From Covid-19: “I got the hydroxychloroquine… it made a huge difference”


Full article: by Kristi McDonald, writing for the LiberyBugle, 16Aug2020

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert has not only recovered from the Wuhan-China virus, he is also crediting hydroxychloroquine for helping him recover from the virus.

He feels “really great.”

The Texas Republican, who tested positive for the coronavirus last month, told the Washington Examiner he is now feeling better and hopes to donate plasma in an effort to help others who get infected. He tipped his hat to the vitamins and the drug touted by some medical professionals and President Trump for helping him get back to health.

He tested negative for the virus and positive for the coronavirus antibodies this week. Gohmert said that he will donate plasma “as often as I am allowed” to help others recover from the virus.

Gohmert, who turns 67 next week, told the Washington Examiner he believes his recovery was aided by the use of vitamin supplements and hydroxychloroquine, the drug touted by Trump and some medical doctors that is not endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration for use in treating the coronavirus.

“I had a couple of bad days, but I started taking hydroxychloroquine, [Zithromax], and zinc, along with vitamins D3 and C,” he said. “And I took a steroid nebulizer for a few days to help coat the alveoli in the lungs and protect them somewhat from the COVID virus attack.”

He added, “I feel sorry for patients whose doctors are not even allowed to consider the hydroxychloroquine regimen. That’s a real shame.

Gohmert said he has been cleared by the Capitol’s attending physician to return to work and will vote in person if Congress reconvenes this summer to take up a now-stalled coronavirus aid package.

Gohmert said he plans to wear a mask but said questions remain about whether face coverings are truly effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Gohmert and other GOP lawmakers were criticized for not wearing masks in the Capitol, although Gohmert started wearing a mask about two weeks before he contracted the coronavirus.

“Anywhere that’s the rule, I’ll wear a mask,” Gohmert said.

Trump Jr put in Twitter jail for sharing video touting COVID-19 treatment https://t.co/5NWHPu0JG7

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) July 28, 2020

“Why would the non-doctors, Google, Twitter, Facebook, try to stop people from getting something that really does help people?” he asked. “It certainly helped me.”

Bizpac Review notes,

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. found his Twitter account suspended last month when he shared a video of a doctor talking about the drug as a “cure” for the virus. Twitter claimed the tweet was in violation of its policy on “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.”

The president himself has been slammed repeatedly by his critics for suggesting that the anti-malarial drug is a promising treatment against the contagious virus.

“Many doctors think it is extremely successful, the hydroxychloroquine coupled with the zinc and perhaps the azithromycin,” he told reporters at a press briefing last month. “Many doctors think it’s extremely good, and some people don’t.”

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