Coronavirus Preparedness Update

09.03.20 02:41 PM By Jon

The time to be prepared is now.  Active and proactive tips and tools.

Novel Coronavirus, aka SARS-nCoV2, is upon us.  There is no mistake about it, the time to be prepared is now.  I have been following this story since the first few accounts came out of China in late December. 

Until now I have been careful about disclosing this, but by now you deserve to know: my wife Luda and I have been self quarantined for over two weeks.  Luda first, and then myself, developed symptoms and progression that would be highly suspicious of nCoV2. 

Furthermore, I have treated patients already, over the course of the past 6 weeks, in office and via telemedicine, that I am also very highly suspicious of.  One family with three patients submitted for a swab - where they were met with extreme caution and a fully gowned nurse in isolation - which was submitted for the Respiratory Pathogens Screen.  The RPS does not test for nCoV2, but it does test for over a dozen common and known respiratory viruses, including Flu A, FluB, and typical Coronavirus.  Their test was negative for all pathogens on the test. 

We believe that Luda "picked it up" while out three weeks ago getting her new driver's license.  That day she sat in a waiting room full of people next to a woman who was coughing.  Soon thereafter she began to develop symptoms which she brushed off - to herself and to me - as "just a cold." 

"Jon," she assured me, "I know what a cold feels like, and that's all this is, don't worry."  I wasn't worrying, but I was already highly suspicious.

There are anecdotal stories like ours popping-up on chat boards.

Expect the numbers to skyrocket.  It'll come fast, and we're close to impact.

I would like to share with you more about my experience: what I've learned, what we went through, what's working, and what isn't.  Before I go into details, and so you can start working from something right now, I'll just list what I'd suggest to combat it. 

Here's what works:

  • Homeopathy: (arsenicum, china / cinchona, camphora, mercurius, cheledonium, kali-carb, ferrum-phos, mag-phos, gelsemium, bryonia)  I honestly wouldn't know how, or would want to imagine how brutal it would be, to go without homeopathy.  I'm putting together a remedy kit in small batches for people and will have them available for sale on my store. 
  • Vitamin C: 2g per day preventive, 10-30g per day acute.  Maintains oxygenation, helps immune system destroy virus, aids in cellular metabolism.   I had bulk powdered buffered-C with Zn, K, Mg, Mn called C-Buff.
  • Selenium: 200mcg/day preventive; 1600mcg / day acute (ONLY IF IT'S Selenomethionine, I can't speak for the Selenium salts)  I use organic selenium yeast as selenomethionine.  I get it from  Nutriteck bulk.  One bag is thousands of doses, as you only really need a pinch per dose.  Selenium increases glutathione levels and is antiviral. (I could do a whole post on each ingredient in this list)
  • Glutathione: this virus depletes our glutathione.  Nebulized/inhaled, or delivered otherwise, it helps a lot with asthma/oxygenation, metal and solvent detox. I have a big bag of bulk reduced glutathione. 
  • Magnesium/Potassium EDTA: chelates and removes heavy metals which become a burden, regulated pH of the blood and CO2 levels, protects kidneys and corrects creatinine levels.  I had a creative way of using these tablets.
  • Enzymes: help the immune system fight the virus, keep blood from clotting, control inflammation.  Ateriozyme and Vascuzyme are great and I totally suggest them highly, but for my case I used Bitter's Extra by Vitanica.  It was already open on my counter, and the herbs really helped an upset GI tract. 
  • Zinc: 30mg/day preventive; 75-150mg/day acute.  Get an amino acid chelated zinc, or a food form source.  Zinc locks viral entry into the cell and viral replication.  Imperative you get zinc before during and after this. 
  • Homeopathic CHINA / Cinchona Bark / "Tonic Water": I'm putting this right below Zinc because the quinolones in Cinchona Bark increase Zinc concentrations in the cell, where it can inhibit viral replication.  Zinc combined with CHINA (Cinchona bark/Quinine/Chloroquine) is absorbed into the cell as if you took a 10x dose.  Quinine from tonic water will have a similar effect, we presume.  If you want a supply of your own like me, I went to   The drug Chloroquine is a synthetic analog of one quinolone from this bark.  It is shown to be effective at reducing viral loads of nCov.   I would personally prefer the natural extract. 
  • Omega 7 Oils: I used Black Cumin Seed Oil.  Really helps with bronchitis/asthmatic inflammation.  A spoonful under the tongue and on top of my soups. 
  • BetaCarotenes and Vitamin A: 75,000IU preventive, 250,000-750,000UI acute
  • Chlorella/Spirulina: I eat about 6 tablets per day, and more when I'm feeling like I need it.  My dogs also love to chew them.  They have 10mg potassium per serving, and the green color you see are carotenoids and mineral-rich chlorophyll. 
  • Bioflavonoids from citrus fruits and their peels especially.  Hesperetin in citrus peels (and other foods) is a bitter bioflavinoid that blocks Coronavirus from entering the cell. 
  • Herbs: Ginger, Licorice, Skullcap, Clove, Olive Leaf, Ginger, Peppermint, Green Tea.  I'd say I'm grateful for a bulk green and black chai tea we have.  I probably have been drinking 5-10 mugs of decaf and caffeinated green-tea chai for the past two weeks and swear it helps.  Luda too, except she prefers black.  Both are helpful.  Green tea better for calming though.  Every ingredient in chai is specifically anti-CoV, and does make me feel better overall. 
  • Colloidal Silver - when taken / sprayed very frequently is antibiotic/antiviral.  I don't overdo it with this, but I also use it to disinfect things, my face, hands, in a spray bottle. 
  • Broths: bones and all, lots of herbs, no noodles, some grains, some pulses, very well-cooked, and re-cooked.  Our diet has gotten very simple but rich and nutritious. 
  • CBD: especially for when I started feeling neuro-symptoms a few days into it.  We stock Path of Purity CBD tablets, which I am grateful for because they work almost instantly and last over 12 hours.  When neuro symptoms's nice to have them go away just as fast.  Immune balancer, helps fight/prevent chronic infections, stabilizes metabolism, protects brain, prevents fibrosis in lungs and kidneys. 
  • Licorice:  This herb has helped me tremendously.  I'm drinking it in my teas as a powder.  Balances cortisol and inflammatory response, antiviral, stops ACE2 entry. 
  • Ozone: Luda and I have each taken a few ozone steam baths, which is oxygenating and detoxifying and sterilizing.  I use ozone to disinfect, too.
  • RIFE: My TrueRife machine has been running since they updated the program last week.  I can tell you more specifics about my experience with this too.  Frequency specific medicine works, and there are a number of ways to go about it.  
  • SEQEX: I was advised to use the Microcirculation program repeatedly.  SEQEX is from Italy, and the Italians are suggesting this.  The effect is that "EZ Water" can move in and out of the cell, ion channels are opened, nutrients in-toxins out.  The virus preys on toxic systems with hypertension, poor circulation, and poor hydration.   The SEQEX microcirculation program is designed to correct this electromagnetically by delivering energy to the system in a resonant way.  It's like getting the static cling off your wireless inductive charging.    I should also do a whole blog on this too. 
  • Vitamin D: we all should know by now how healthy it is for us to get exposed to the Sun's rays and make our own Vitamin D.  Another way to get vitamin D is from foods like mushrooms.
  • Warming Socks Therapy: Last but not least, I swear by this technique with icey-cold damp cotton socks and dry wool socks on top, bundle up and go to bed.  I warm up first in the shower or bath.  It's a decongestant, and warms yo up so you can destroy the virus while you sleep. 
  • ADDENDUM ON 3/18/2020: Homeopathic Camphor.  Rajan Sankaran is suggesting that, at least in Iran, homeopathic Camphor for prevention and treatment of Covid19.  
  • ADDENDUM ON 4/13/2020: Molecular Hydrogen.  See my blog on Ventilators and scroll down to Dr. Trainor's letter.  I've been personally using both Vital Reaction and H2Elite H2 tablets as needed.  I am going to consider adding some H2 tablets to my Coronavirus First Aid Kit, too.  

What to Expect:

It's taking people a solid month if they have the full course of illness.  From initial infection, there is about a 4-10 day asymptomatic period, then a relapsing fever for a few days to a week, and then a good two weeks or more of convalescence.

In the next few months, our lives are probably going to be profoundly changed, even if only temporarily.  I am going to be in very high demand, and everyone else's limits will also likely be stretched.   I want to be able to help everyone who wants and needs it, in a good and fair way. 

I do not have sufficient vitamins and minerals, herbs and teas, to supply everyone.  We all need to get stocked up at home, for ourselves and everyone under the roof.  I have been compiling a few lists to this regard: the basics, and the best.

You'll want enough to get you through preventive time starting now, and have on reserve enough for heavy dosing for 7 or more days of illness, and another 14 days of convalescence.  Don't expect to get just-in-time delivery when you need it. 

I can take orders starting right now for CBD and some small batch supplements on my web store that I've seen be really helpful.

I've compiled a Coronavirus Protocol on the online dispensary Wellevate.  I've opened it up to anyone, and so feel free to let your friends in on the deal too.  Wellevate is a professional grade dispensary, and rather than taking a huge cut of the price, I share it with you.  That amounts to 25% off retail price.  

Get a homeopathic remedy kit, and I can help you through this.  If you don't have one, it won't be as easy when the time comes. 

I'm making 20-remedy kits here:

OR, Get the 50-pack First Aid Kit from here.

It's time now to begin your preparation list if you haven't already.  Get those things you know you'll want or need regardless of them being on the store shelf, or your ability to even go there.  Quarantines will happen.  Certain items will run out of stock.   Please, while you're prioritizing, don't be caught without an emergency homeopathic remedy kit and a pound of vitamin C.