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COV2 - loss of smell (anosmia), and a bitter taste in the mouth (dysgusia).
When sometime during the early course of my infection, which started with a scratchy throat and snotty nose around or before Feb 20, but after the fever crept up, I completely lost my sense of smell and nearly lost taste.   The best news is that my senses have restored, and in most cases t...
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Severe shortage of protective gear already
We're on mile one of a marathon with this pandemic.
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Novel Coronavirus is not "just the flu"
Coronavirus is much worse than Flu
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Wear Masks: Reduce Viral Load
"Viral load" is the measure of how many viruses are in and on a given bodily tissue.  The "infectious dose" is the minimum required to create an infection, which could be as few as 10-100 viral particles, if it's like many other viruses.  Sometimes, when it comes to ini...
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Prepare for millions of the course of 2 months.

"One slide in a leaked presentation for US hospitals reveals that they're preparing for millions of hospitalizations as the outbreak unfolds" (business insider)

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Preventing Coronavirus
Homeopathic prevention of coronavirus
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