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Cov2 Symptom In Children: Atypical Kawasaki Disease
Inflammatory conditions in children following lengthy fevers
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Homeopathic Remedy Kit Instructions

Here's a link directly to the online Google Docs version of the Remedy Kit Instructions.  This version will be updated if I make any changes.  The copied test below might not, if I forget or get busy. 

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Severe shortage of protective gear already
We're on mile one of a marathon with this pandemic.
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Coronavirus Preparedness Update

Novel Coronavirus, aka SARS-nCoV2, is upon us.  There is no mistake about it, the time to be prepared is now.  I have been following this story since the first few accounts came out of China in late December. 

Until now I have been careful about disclosing this, but by now you deserve...

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Preventing Coronavirus
Homeopathic prevention of coronavirus
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