Novel Coronavirus is not "just the flu"
Coronavirus is much worse than Flu
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Managing Fever
How to manage a fever to your advantage.
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I went live on FB the past few nights.

For the past three nights I've gone live on Facebook.  In case you missed it, there are links here:

Live Video 1: 11 March 2020

Live Video 2: 12 March 2020

Live Video 3: 13 March 2020

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A warning about ACE-Inhibitors (a prescription blood pressure medicine) and Coronavirus

ACE Inhibitors (i.e. LOSARTAN and LISINOPRIL)  are a class of drugs used to lower blood pressure.  Unfortunately, they come at a cost.  ACE-inhibitor use leads to an elevation of ACE2 in the tissues that present it, especially the heart.   They can increase ACE2 as much as 5-time...

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Wear Masks: Reduce Viral Load
"Viral load" is the measure of how many viruses are in and on a given bodily tissue.  The "infectious dose" is the minimum required to create an infection, which could be as few as 10-100 viral particles, if it's like many other viruses.  Sometimes, when it comes to ini...
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Prepare for millions of the course of 2 months.

"One slide in a leaked presentation for US hospitals reveals that they're preparing for millions of hospitalizations as the outbreak unfolds" (business insider)

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Coronavirus Preparedness Update

Novel Coronavirus, aka SARS-nCoV2, is upon us.  There is no mistake about it, the time to be prepared is now.  I have been following this story since the first few accounts came out of China in late December. 

Until now I have been careful about disclosing this, but by now you deserve...

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Preventing Coronavirus
Homeopathic prevention of coronavirus
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Up-to-date Coronavirus Count

The widget below, for as long at it keeps working, provides up-to-the-minute numbers, as officially reported by China NHS.  They're being updated many times per day.  You can also scroll down for an interactive map supported by Johns Hopkins, which gathers data from NHS, WHO, CDC, ECDC, an...

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