COV2: Sudden Strokes in Young Adults
Blood clots, hemorrhages under the skin, strokes, occurring in young adults with few other symptoms.
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COV2 symptom could emerge on the feet
possible sign of COV2 infection: purple marks on toes and feet
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When Doctors Go On Strike...
...mortality rates plummet
13.04.20 07:40 PM - Comment(s)
Ventilators aren't working as they should.
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Interview with Dr. Jon: marathon COV2 discussion
John Brisson and Jon Ritz discuss Cov2, exosomes, viral replication, heme, non-native emf, and hazard a few suggestions.
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Cov2 Might Unbind Heme Causing Anemia and Pulmonary Inflammation
a simulation of COV2 suggests a possible affinity for heme
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Homeopathic Remedy Kit Instructions

Here's a link directly to the online Google Docs version of the Remedy Kit Instructions.  This version will be updated if I make any changes.  The copied test below might not, if I forget or get busy. 

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COV2 - loss of smell (anosmia), and a bitter taste in the mouth (dysgusia).
When sometime during the early course of my infection, which started with a scratchy throat and snotty nose around or before Feb 20, but after the fever crept up, I completely lost my sense of smell and nearly lost taste.   The best news is that my senses have restored, and in most cases t...
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Severe shortage of protective gear already
We're on mile one of a marathon with this pandemic.
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Respiratory Distress

Pneumonia can be deadly.  Many numbers of people afflicted with Novel Coronavirus will find themselves needing help to breathe.  Unfortunately, there will be a period of time in which those services are in short supply.  Normally, respiratory distress is a call to the hospital, but if...

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